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Getting started

Appointments are available on-site where appropriate or at one of the Credo bases situated around the Manchester area.

The first appointment is a 60 minute free consultation, thereafter, the fee is dependent upon individual circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us without obligation.

Christian Counselling & Psychotherapy

Individual appointments for counselling, psychotherapy and /or spiritual direction are available particularly for:

  • those who are ordained and/or members of religious communities
  • those who are preparing for, or contemplating ordination or religious life  
  • lay people with roles of responsibility/leadership
  • church organisations and groups, and particularly those involved in pastoral work
  • parishioners (either referred by the above or direct contact)

All counsellors and psychotherapists working within this field are either trained Spiritual Directors and /or active in ministry.

The Service is Christian-based, and is open to all denominations.

Appointments are confidential and take place in a safe, welcoming and non-judgmental environment.