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Getting started

Individuals can make appointments directly to Credo, or via their educational establishment. Appointments are available either on-site where appropriate, or at one of the Credo bases around the Manchester area.

The first appointment is a 60 minute free consultation, thereafter, the fee is dependent upon individual circumstances.Please feel free to contact us without obligation.

Education-Based Counselling & Psychotherapy

We offer individual counselling/psychotherapy appointments for:

  • teaching staff, support staff and other staff members
  • young people aged between 16 and 25
  • parents/carers of young people
  • others working in various capacities within the field of education

All Counsellors/Psychotherapists working within this area also have specific experience of working within education. However, the issues, with which clients require support, may not necessarily be work-related.

Although aware that many places of education now employ on-site counsellors, Credo is able to provide extra, alternative and professional support should the need arise. For example, where on-site counsellors are unable to meet demand, or when staff/students/parents would prefer appointments to be off-site and not directly connected to the school/College.