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Getting started

Individuals can make appointments directly to Credo, or via their educational establishment. Appointments are available either on-site where appropriate, or at one of the Credo bases around the Manchester area.

The first appointment is a 60 minute free consultation, thereafter, the fee is dependent upon individual circumstances.Please feel free to contact us without obligation.


What our clients say:

"In my experience Credo Counselling is unique. It has given me far greater confidence in areas that I have previously struggled with for many years. It has helped me to understand myself and other's perceptions of me, and accomplished these with my faith always present. I have unhesitatingly recommended Credo to friends who could find it of benefit, always with enthusiastic results." Matthew, Stockport.

"When I first saw the leaflet about Credo Counselling, I booked my appointment, hoping I wouldn't also have to pass some biblical knowledge test! I was concerned that it might be too “religious.” However, that was not my experience at all- the religious/spiritual element was very important to me, but was never pushed upon me. I would like to reassure prospective clients, that this is a gentle, God-focussed form of counselling, very much moving with wherever the client themselves are at."
Kathleen, Salford

"Trish is very, very sincere, engaging, life-affirming and reassuring. Together during my sessions we've sifted through my difficult periods in life, love and work. I am now in a much, much stronger emotional place, much more self-confident and determinedly self-assured. The crown in the jewel is that I am incredibly happier and enjoying life much more. Trish, thank you very much! One word to some up Trish's psychotherapy work: 'Amazing!'"
Martin, Manchester

"When I began looking for a counselling service I was struggling, amongst other things, with faith and my place in the church. It was so important for me to have a counsellor who was non-judgemental about my religious background and who understood where I was coming from. Working with Credo gave me the courage and freedom to explore my beliefs and examine issues of identity, belonging and purpose in a safe environment. I feel now that I am very much on my own spiritual path, a path I may not have established without the support of Credo. I would recommend them to anyone, whatever their background or beliefs."
Tammy, Manchester